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Hey y'all! So, one of my friends nominated me for the Liebster Award. I was kinda confused about it, so I read the link she posted at the beginning of her post. (Hannah Heath: The Liebster Award - In which I Answer Random Questions and Link Over to Other Epic Blogs)

Anyways, here's how she explained it:

The Liebster Award originated in Germany. The German word Liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. In short, this award is given to the upcoming promising bloggers who have some worth-reading content and certainly have less than 200 followers as a recognition of their talent and as a way to greet them “welcome”. This is a small act of inspiration that might change a blogger’s whole point of view, just like it changed mine. The Liebster Award is an award for Recognition. You would not get any money, or cup, or medal, or certificate; just a recognition which will give you a spot-light mark in this crowded blogging-market!

Another thing about this award is that this is a “Pay it forward” award, like a chain-reaction. Once you have accepted the award, you have to search for other bloggers, who are emerging as new buds with some really promising content which you find worth reading. You can accept it, or you can let it go; no harm done….However, if you want to accept The Liebster Award, you have to follow six simple rules.

Rules for the nomination:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.

  • Share 11 facts about yourself.

  • Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.

  • Ask your nominees 11 questions of your choice – for my nominees, my questions for you will be at the end of this post! 

  • Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post. 

So here goes... 

Thank you so much, Spread the Spark, for this nomination. I've so enjoyed reading your poetry and seeing your drawings. You're also a pretty great friend ;)

After you finish reading this (if you do ;D) please go check out her blog here. You can also check out her post on the Liebster Award here.

Answers to her questions:

  1. What projects are you working on and what inspired them? (Can be both writing and non-writing related projects) Right now, I'm working on two novels, a short story, and a few snippet series'--but I'm just going to answer this with my novels. Unknown, my main WIP, is a fantasy novel that I honestly have no idea where I got the inspiration from. They Call Me..., my other (side) WIP, is just from me having learned about some amazing women who broke stereotypes, so I wanted to write stories from their perspectives. It led me to find tons more incredible women who broke barriers no matter what was thrown at them, and I just wanted to highlight their stories--but since essays aren't exactly my strong suit, I'm fictionalizing their stories.

  2. How long have you been writing and blogging? Writing? Since second grade, when I wrote my first book, The Adventures of Sally the Cookie--which, by the way, I'll probably end up posting on here with no edits; original grammar, spelling, etc. Blogging? Well, I made the blog in August 2018, restarted it in September 2019, and started posting regularly this past March, which is when I finished updates etc. and the time I consider to have been the re-launch--although I'm thinking of doing a re-re-launch to gain more blog traffic.

  3. When people read your blog and other works, what do you hope they will take from it? A few things, actually. Obviously, interest. I want them to have read something interesting that they enjoyed. Honestly, that's why I write. But there are two other things I want them to take away--hope and understanding. Understanding might be the biggest factor of all. I want them to understand and to feel understood. To understand what other people live through, to empathize. Sure, I might not be able to convey situations perfectly, but I try to. I research a lot, and feel like I get stuff right for the most part, but I might mess up a little--I probably do. Everyone does. The other thing is hope. Hope that if life sucks right then, it doesn't always have to. Hope for a future. Hope that the sun will rise tomorrow. Hope for the next generation, hope for the past generations, just hope.

  4. What is your favorite game? If you know me at all, you know that I don't have favorites; favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite anythings. But I have a few favorite games--Clue, Life, Game of Things, etc.

  5. What is the strangest or most interesting thing you have ever researched in the name of writing? Okay, so, there could be multiple answers: one for in the name of writing, and the other for "in the name of writing". The latter is when people use writing to research really weird stuff and pretend that it is for a book/snippet series etc. But to either, I can honestly say I don't know--I've researched a lot of things, and it all depends on how each person views strangest. For instance, to some, the stuff I've researched about PTSD might be the strangest. To others, other things. So I can't really answer that...

  6. Can you share the worst line or typo you’ve ever written? Sorry, but I honestly don't know. I've made a bunch, I'm sure, but not any that come to mind.

  7. What is your favorite candy? Again, I have no favorites. I like Skittles, Starburst, Nerds, Jolly Ranchers, Bounty, and probably a bunch of other ones--those are just the ones off the top of my head.

  8. Can you describe what your dream writing environment would be?  Quiet with headphones, outside on a porch, with Montana mountains in the background :)

  9. What collections do you have? When I was little, I used to collect rocks. I'm pretty sure I still have all those rocks ;)

  10. If you could have any mythical (or wild) creature as a pet what would it be? Mythical? Dragon all the way. So cool. Wild? Umm, probably an otter, although other animals (like a wolf or a dolphin etc.) would be cool--otters are just the coolest, like, ever. *Such eloquence XDDD*

  11. What is your favorite quote and why? AGAIN WITH THE FAVORITES!!! I actually don't have any this time. For me, a quote has to be meaningful, and not many are, unless you count things people have said and/or written to me.

11 weird facts about me:

  1. I have only met one of my three best friends in person

  2. The TV show character I am most similar to is Leslie Knope

  3. My two favorite places in the world are Kalispell, Montana and Washington, DC

  4. My enneagram is type 4

  5. My favorite Marvel character is Peggy Carter

  6. My favorite Marvel characters are Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker, and eventually Tony Stark

  7. Wanda is probably the one I relate to best of the above

  8. The two books that made me cry the most are Jacob Have I Loved and The Warden and the Wolf King

  9. My favorite authors are Jenny L. Cote, Roseanna M. White, C. S. Lewis, Andrew Peterson, J. R. R. Tolkein, Jacqueline Winspear, Francine Rivers, and Melanie Dickerson.

  10. I got roasted for all my random facts (NOT about me, by the way)

  11. I am terrible at making lists about myself XD

My nominations:

Althea Truth (Apple Blossoms)

Charis Rae (Charis Rae: A Literary Lifestyle)

ZoePlayz (Dust to Dawn)

Grace Eliz (Girls Grace & Truth)

Anna Jacobson (Jumbled Thoughts of a Writer)

Holly Christine (Holly Christine)

Angela Dawne (Key Word: Simplifying the Abstract)

Mya Gray (Life From Behind a Camera)

Hannah F. (His Priceless Daughters)

Susan (Haven Wings)

Zielle (Write in the Dark)

My questions:

  1. What are your biggest goals in life?

  2. What made you start writing

  3. Who in your life has impacted you the most?

  4. Which fictional character are you most similar to?

  5. If you could meet on famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

  6. Who are your favorite authors?

  7. What are your current Works-In-Progress and what inspired them?

  8. What inspires your characters?

  9. What are your favorite books?

  10. What do you hope people get from reading your writing?

  11. Do you have any overarching themes, and if so, what are they?

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